The Maine Experience Podcast

Producer, Director, and Writer Fred Greenhalgh

March 8, 2021
Episode 19 features a conversation with producer, director, and writer Fred Greenhalgh of Finalrune Productions and Dagaz Media. He discusses his latest audio movie Dark Tome: Undertow, as well as being a creative in Maine.
Listen to the Dark Tome: Undertow on Stitcher here. Use the promo code DARK for one free month of Stitcher Premium.
Learn more about Fred and his work with audio dramas at Finalrune Productions and Dagaz Media.
The Maine Music Feature is the new single by alt rock trio theWorst, "Yes Regrets".
Learn more about theWorst here.
Check out the music video for "Yes Regrets" on Youtube and hear to more of their music on Spotify
This episode's Maine Soundscape was recorded on the Winnick Woods Trail in Cape Elizabeth, ME.
Produced by Audio Evolutions
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